Friday, August 5, 2011

Mini CHEESECAKE biscuits!

Thanks to Miranda for the idea of the cheesecake,
and thanks to my randomly stocked fridge in need of cleaning for making 'em outta biscuits :D

What you'll need:
Premade biscuit dough, cream cheese, chocolate fudge [optional], powder sugar & vanilla extract.
Soften the cream cheese a bit, and dd the vanilla/sugar just til you like the taste :) [i didn't use exact measurments or anything]

Taking your biscuits, grease your pan, then press them in,
making kind of a 'bowl' shape, by pressing it against the edges of your cupcake pan.

Now fill them with your 'cheesecake' mixture.
[ignore the plain chocolate chip ones :P]
Bake as the biscuit can directs, and add that bit of chocolate if you'd like once they are done :)

And there ya have it!

Dont forget to send in your photos of things you've made off of our blog :)
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  1. so i must say, bring pregnant and reading your blog has given me so many cravings and i sooooo want to make like EVERYTHING on here :)