So today for dinner, we had breakfast! :) My all time favorite.
We made toads in a hole.
All you need is toast, eggs & butter.

1) Preheat a large skillet.
2) add a spoonful of butter
3) Cut a hole, or any cookie cutter shapes you have into center of bread
4) Place toast onto heated skillet
5) Crack egg into the center of toast. My son prefers the yolk broken, but you can cook until you are happy with the constancy  of the egg.
You can also add salt & pepper if you like.
Dont forget to flip the toast so the other side can cook.
& youre done, its yummy and way easier then having toast and eggs separate lol

I dont eat much fast food but when I do, i have some favorites. So if youre not sure what to get while out, try some of these!

Taco Bell crunchwrap supreme

Mc Donalds $1 Chicken sandwich with added
Jack In the Box Pita Wrap
Wendys Chili 

If you have any ideas or would like US to try something please fell free to email us at
Thank you!

For the mom who cant figure out what to make or buy for dinner. Here some ideas for a quick dinner, that's easy and semi already made :)


Very good flavor, the veggies are big and very crunchy. Im not a huge fan of frozen meals but this is really good!

Have some left over chicken from the night before? Make some CHICKEN FRIED BROWN RICE
All you need is
1 egg
Green Onion or whatever you prefer
2 Cloves of garlic
1 spoonfull of soy sauce
I also own a big bottle of fish sauce, taste nothing like fish but it adds awesome flavor to any meals

You can also add carrots, celery or whatever other veggies youd like to throw in.
All you do is cook the brown rice
Add one spoonfull of butter to the pan
Add the rice, mix it around a bit
Add the egg in the middle ( I personally like to scramble the egg in the rice or you can scramble it prior to adding it)
Add the chopped up veggies, mix it all around for about 4minutes
Add the chopped up chicken
And serve when chicken is warm!

None of these pictures are mine. All from google!

No, i do not have a nifty camera like Kenz but I try :)

Different states, but our minds & stomach's are in the same place :)

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