Tuesday, July 26, 2011

SLOPPY JOE...cupcakes?

So, I saw the pizza cupcakes or whatever you wanna call 'em,
and we wanted to do our own twist on 'em.

So, we decided to try sloppy joe ones.
annnd they were amazing.

What you need/prepping the 'muffin/cupcake' part & toppings

Layer 'em on

[They bake as the biscuit directions say to]

The final product  

The kids loved 'em

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Camping Donuts, revisited. This time, homemade.

Well..."campmade" :)

Sorry we haven't updated in a bit.
I was even going to take a break, to get my life sorted out a bit,
but, i just couldn't stay away :)

So, revisiting camping donuts, we now made them from scratch...kinda :)
We forgot to add sugar, so hey-- remember sugar :)

Not gonna lie, using the premade biscuit dough is yummier, but, this was great too!

What you'll need:


Making the dough:

Roll it into a little ball, and poke a hole in it!

You could also do this over a fire,
you need to boil a thing of oil...PLEASE dont burn your campsite down!
You drop 'em in there til they brown.

While they're warm still, shake 'em in a bag of cinamon and sugar.

Then eat 'em! or be awesome like me 'n add a bit of whip cream then eat 'em :D

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Smurfy Cinnamon Rolls, anyone?

Taking the 'classic' kid favorite of pie crust cinamon rolls and adding a little twist to it.
Thanks to Perry for the help.

What you'll  need/how to roll them.

Slice 'em. [obviously, these are my friend's hands ;)]

You bake 'em like the pie crust instructs you to.

What you'll need for the [colored] glaze.

They look like we squished little smurfs to make these.
[dont worry kids, no smurfs were really harmed in the making of these]

Carter was a bit warry, but, ended up liking them.

Have fun making these, and picking your icing color :)

This will be the last post for awhile, due to some personal things,
but please keep emailing me your photos and any ideas you want us to try.
Hopefully we will be back here soon :)

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Want to make GREEN EGGS & HAM...

....out of pancake batter?  :D

What you need [ignore the red]
Make sure your pancake batter is of a medium thick consistency but with NO bumps!
It'll clog the 'batter-squirter' and make you lose your miiinnnd!

How to make 'em on the..skillet?
Maybe you can make your ham more...attractive ;)

The final product! and their, "green eggs and ham  ?!?!" faces  

They actually really loved 'em  :D

Friday, July 15, 2011

Ice cream...CUPCAKES! No cake needed :D

So life is just, crazy right now.
Applying to the College of Art, mumbo jumbo with the "fun stuffs" of being a single parents, annnnd it's summer time. SO YES, life. is. crazy. BUT we still found time to make something fun :)

What you'll need
[it's best if the  2 ice creams are different colors :)]

This looks a bit odd, huh? It's cos when i was looking through photos, i accidently deleted step two..while i was aleady at step three, and i er, wasn't gonna spoon out the second layer of ice cream, soooo i just added a fourth one to show you how to do it :D

Freeze 'em overnight!

Kinda cool, riiiight? right? ;)

And, best if you serve immediately :)

If you do this, email me your photos at foodthatdoesntsuck@yahoo.com!
i haven't seen this done before, so any improvements you can think of, are welcome advice!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

PIZZA CAKE! *birthday special!*

So, Clara turned ONE.

And yesterday we found out...she doesn't like frosting.


So, today, i made her a frosting-less smash cake, that she, er, she didn't smash.
But you'll see that at the end :D

So, if you ever need to make a frosting'less cake that looks like a pizza, read on!
[The white stuff, is cream cheese, sorry that isn't pictured better]

What you'll need

Spread on the cream cheese and whatever red jam you like :)
[it's the 'sauce']

White chocolate [that DOESNT have 'cookies' in it] + grater =
the most expensive "cheese" you'll ever put on a pizza :P

For the pepperoni you take a red fruit roll up and cut it into circles
[easier said than done]

You have a pizza smash cake!

She was just happy to get away from that cake :P

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Peanut butter, chocolate, hazlenut...HEAVEN.

I promise, these are amazing.
I had a bit of a cookie cup fail, but, yeah :D

Read on :D

What you'll need

What happened :(

So what you need to do instead :D

Once they cooled, you add peanut butter to half of them, or however many you want,
then melted chocolate over the top. To the other ones, you fill the insides with the melted
chocolate, then sprinkle the crushed hazlenut [or peanuts, cashews, etc] on top.

Put it in the fridge to set, and you get...

They weren't as "cute" as they could've been,
cos of the cookie cup fail,
BUT they were just as amazingly tasty as ever!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

AWESOME viewer comment, anyone?! :D

On our post about chocolate covered bacon

sefriede said...
Ok sooo.. I'm officially a fan of your site! And I wanted to let you know about my chocolate dipped bacon wrapped pretzel rods. Bake the bacon half way then (when they are cool enough to touch) wrap around a pretzel rod and finish baking. Then when the bacon wrapped pretzel is completely cool dip in chocolate! HEAVEN! :)


Friday, July 8, 2011

Mmmm TACO...muffins?

Muffins for a lack of a better word :)
You do use a muffin tin though!

Thanks a million to all the brainstorming with AZ!

So, they're basically flour tortialla soft tacos, in the shape of muffins! :D

What you'll need/how to make the tortilla 'muffin' bases

Add pre-made taco meat, then beans, then cheese

BROIL, dont bake..just keep an eye on it til the cheese is nice and melted.
Then add whatever you want! we did sour cream, lettuce, and tomatoes/chilis

And then you've got the final product! :D

I'm spending the next week putting together a digital portfolio for my application to the College of the Arts, but i'll do my best to continute updating as much as possible :D

Don't forget to send in your photos!

Who has IDEAS?!

Anyone who has fun/creative ideas for us to try-- leave a comment here, or shoot me an email at foodthatdoesntsuck@yahoo.com

Keep an eye on us tonight for another fun food creation :D

Some favorites of viewers recreations of our stuffs :D

by Schreiner family
We also made some chocolate covered pretzels we stole the idea from this mumma [kenzie j]!  who always make awsome food!! -syvannahs's mummy
Remember to send me your photos if you ever make anything :)