Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Hm..."SPECIAL" biscuits :)

Cos i dont know what else to call them!!

Went a little off the beaten path today...well, more than usual ;)

We're up to 30,000 + views DAILY! , sooo hi internet strangers, friends, :D

These little biscuit oddities are pretty self explanatory :D
Obviously you can top them however you like!

What you'll need

How to turn biscuits into 'mini biscuits', or kid-friendly size :D

Adding toppings

The final product! [after the chocolate set]

Thumbs up approval :D

Make your own versions and show me! :)


  1. chocolate and bacon bits, I must try :)

  2. I don't get the bacon on sweet things but then again ive never dared try hmmmmm

  3. I could honestly follow the blog just for the terrific pics, but the yummy looking food sure don't hurt either...

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