Sunday, July 24, 2011

Camping Donuts, revisited. This time, homemade.

Well..."campmade" :)

Sorry we haven't updated in a bit.
I was even going to take a break, to get my life sorted out a bit,
but, i just couldn't stay away :)

So, revisiting camping donuts, we now made them from scratch...kinda :)
We forgot to add sugar, so hey-- remember sugar :)

Not gonna lie, using the premade biscuit dough is yummier, but, this was great too!

What you'll need:


Making the dough:

Roll it into a little ball, and poke a hole in it!

You could also do this over a fire,
you need to boil a thing of oil...PLEASE dont burn your campsite down!
You drop 'em in there til they brown.

While they're warm still, shake 'em in a bag of cinamon and sugar.

Then eat 'em! or be awesome like me 'n add a bit of whip cream then eat 'em :D


  1. Haha, so creative! I want to go camping just so I can make these! That's awesome.

  2. These look awesome! This blog has totally just made my day, I've been sat at home ill all day just trawling for recipes and ideas, and I find you guys. Too awesome!