Friday, July 15, 2011

Ice cream...CUPCAKES! No cake needed :D

So life is just, crazy right now.
Applying to the College of Art, mumbo jumbo with the "fun stuffs" of being a single parents, annnnd it's summer time. SO YES, life. is. crazy. BUT we still found time to make something fun :)

What you'll need
[it's best if the  2 ice creams are different colors :)]

This looks a bit odd, huh? It's cos when i was looking through photos, i accidently deleted step two..while i was aleady at step three, and i er, wasn't gonna spoon out the second layer of ice cream, soooo i just added a fourth one to show you how to do it :D

Freeze 'em overnight!

Kinda cool, riiiight? right? ;)

And, best if you serve immediately :)

If you do this, email me your photos at!
i haven't seen this done before, so any improvements you can think of, are welcome advice!

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