Thursday, August 4, 2011

Fried powdered sugar treats!

Ok, so really...donut holes, but we just did another kinda donuts recently, i had to switch the names up a little :P

What you'll need: Premade biscuit dough, powdered sugar, vegetable oil, and hot fudge :)
Tear the dough into smaller peices [per large biscuit i made 6] and roll into small balls.

Boil your oil. Baracade the kids outta the kitchen.
Set the dough into the pot *carefully* and fry just til it's golden brown.
Set on a paper towel so the excess oil drains off.

You can use a container with a lid or a zip lock baggie, *kid friendly*
Shake them in the powder while still hot, but once the oil has drained into the paper towel.
Add hot fudge for dipping [cos it's not sweet enough yet, right? ;)]

There ya have it!

These were actually Carter-approved :)

*NOTE: serve immediately. if left out too long, the powder sugar with...'goo-ify' cos of any excess oil.


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