Friday, June 17, 2011

First time with FONDANT?!

So, this is a little sketch of Carter's birthday cake for his 6th birthday.
Imagine this..but about half the size :D

these are the cake toppers :D

originally i was just gonna use regular icing, and decorate with the same,

and though it's my first cake, an [awesome] mama suggested i try marshmallow fondant,
so, i did

i started getting warry about it though,
so the same [very awesome] mama suggested i try doing a little tester thingy'ma'bob.

Soooo i just finished doing that  
i haven't made frosting yet, SO i had to use caramel sauce  :P
Also, it wont be so bumpy looking on the finished product! i dont have a 'cake smoother' yet!

But, here is my teeny tiny [probably not very good tasting right now] tester cake  :D

Not too impressive, i know! But hey, it's my first time trying FONDANT!!! :D


  1. Isn't a sticky mess!? Ugh, i made like a pound of it a froze it so I didnt have to make it again for a while! Its fun to work with once its DONE :D Good luck, can't wait to see the birthday cake!

  2. how did you do your Fondant??? I'm curious now