Friday, June 3, 2011

FAIL...turned...NOT fail?? cookies!

Hey   :)

So, we wanted to make something.
But we didn't wanna go out again to go shopping.

So we decided to improvise with what we had.
We've never done that before....

We had:
some left over cookie dough
some white chocolate chips
and of course: nutella and sprinkles  

So this is what we did :)

Right about the second i put it in the oven i knew it was gonna fail.
They weren't gonna stay round [DUH] they were gonna flatten!
FAIL :( ended up coming out a little like this [there was a fourth one, i took it looked less like a pe---something inappropriate ;).]

fuuun timmme :)

Finished product!

Not too bad, eh? :) especially for something we thought was gonna fail!
Thanks for keeping me phone company, Az!

He wouldn't eat it with sprinkles,
annnnd he lost his front tooth last week :)

Now go experiment in your kitchen 'n show me what happens ;)

1 comment:

  1. I have never had Nutella before. But it looks so good. :O