Thursday, May 26, 2011

Oh hey! We're NEW!

So, er, this is....

YES! our NEW food blog!
Only awesome-ness allowed.

As you could see in our sidebar,
this is a food blog for those who SUCK at cooking, but ROCK at eatting/craving/imagining great treats!

And even if you're awesome at baking, we won't turn you away ;)

I set this up in a day,
but for 'organizational purposes' i made seperate posts for each of our past ventures.
Things like this: :)

So head back to our archives [found in the lower, left-hand column] if you want to drive your appetite crazzzay!

And keep checking back cos we'll be updating often :)

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  1. Cbear
    Kenz Benz
    you all are uh may zing